Advantages of Double Glazing

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If you are looking to replace your old windows, you should consider acquiring new ones with double glazing rather than a simple one. But before making any decision, it is important to understand the benefits they can bring to you and your house.

Double-glazed windows are usually more expensive than single-glazed windows, but their benefits can be enough to cover their price. But before talking about their benefits, let’s start with the basics.

What is Double Glazing?

As the own name suggests, double glazing is nothing more than 2 layers of glass. They are based on 2 panels of glass that are separated by a space, which can be filled with inert gas or simply as a vacuum.

Whereas old windows tend to be single glazing, nowadays double-glazed windows are a must, and they can help bring many benefits to your house. Some people may think that double glazing is only about having better insulation, but the truth is that they can offer much more than this!

Discover their advantages before getting yours installed.

Double Glazing Benefits

Better Insulation Properties

Double-glazed windows are very known for their insulation properties. They tend to offer twice thermal protection then single-glazed windows thanks to their double barrier, so in the winter, the cold from the outside keeps outside, and the heat that was gained from the sun can also keep on inside.

Double glazing can also help you to keep cool in summer times, keeping the inside cooler, by not letting the extreme heat get in.

Energy Saving

Thanks to their great insulation properties, double glazing windows can help you to save on your energy bills by keeping the heat from the heater and the sun on the inside, and the cool windy on the outside.

We can’t forget to mention how eco-friendly they can be by saving energy, right?

Less Condensation

With the double layers of glass, double-glazing windows will not have those little droplets that single-glazing ones can have. This benefit is due to the airtight seal between the panels that don’t let the window glass from the outside get in touch with the heat from the inside.

Apart from being convenient not to have the humidity inside our house, this will also help you to prevent mould and costly maintenance that the mould and humidity could cause.

Bigger security

It can be a bit obvious that a double layer of glass can be harder to break, but this is an undeniable fact. Burglars will face some bigger difficulties to break in inside a house with glazing windows, as well as feel more intimidated for those.

Noise reduction

You can rest at peace at night without worrying too much about the neighbours’ party, or even have your party with peace of mind.  The insulation also works for the noises – both on the inside and the outside. They will also be a great addition if you live near busy roads or a noisy area, or if you have a new baby coming.

Double Glazing company specialists

Have your new windows installed by contacting a double-glazing company that specialises in window installation. Be sure to find a reliable and experienced installer that will cover all your needs and also make a great installation with little disruption.

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