Bi-Fold & Multi-Fold Doors

An increasingly popular alternative to more traditional French doors and sliding doors, improving open plan living and bringing a modern contemporary feel to almost any home.

Bi-Fold & Multi-Fold Doors

What are Bi-fold doors?

Bi-folding and multifold doors are made from a series of panels that fold up against each other as they open and are commonly referred to as folding sliding doors. They have a good reputation for utilising space in your home. For many years they have been used as room dividers. The common design of a bi-folding door is to have a double-glazed glass pain through the middle of the panel. You can have bi-folding doors

Benefits of Bi-fold and multi-fold doors

There are many benefits to having multifold and bi-folding doors installed. They offer you a unique opportunity to blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. This is done by the double-glazed window pain in the middle of the door. This window pain also increases the natural light in your home. This will open up your room making the room appear bigger. Installing bi-folding or multi-folding doors will not only add value to your home but help you save money on your energy bill. They are known for their high thermal efficiency and are weatherproof. Indoor bi-folding doors take up little space in your home making them the perfect room separators or to be installed in laundry rooms and kitchen pantries.

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