Casement Windows

Our Casement windows are a classic design suitable for all properties

Casement Windows

Did you know casement windows were the earliest creation of the moveable window? They usually have a metal or wooden frame but it isn’t unusual for the casement window frames to be made from fibreglass, vinyl PVC, aluminium, or composite materials. Casement windows are built with pivots or hinges on the upright side of the window vertical to the hung sash. This is so the window can move inward and outward similar to the movement of a door.  They are the most popular window to be installed in recent times, this is due to the fact they are versatile, elegant but simplistic in design and usage.

Benefits of casement windows

The casement window has many benefits which are why it is so popular!

Here at Wiser improvements, we can offer a vast range of designs/design features to make them the perfect fit for your home. There are endless options for customisation including colour, materials, or even functionality which include push-out or multiple grill configurations which may take your fancy!

Casement windows are extremely energy efficient. With a combination of materials, double glazing, and installation perfection from our team there will be little to no room for air leakage or entry ensuring less waste and more efficiency.

It is a known fact casement windows are arguably the easiest and simplest window top use. Our windows are installed with precise latches to make the movement of the window as smooth as possible.

The best part is made to measure. All our casement windows are made to measure. No matter the size, place, or height our team have the expertise to advise, measure, and install the perfect windows for your home.



Things to consider when purchasing casement windows

If you were looking to install window air conditioners casement windows would not be recommended. Window air conditioners need windows that move in an up and down motion this is to enable you to attach a window conditioner unit. Casement windows open outward and would make it difficult to attach such a unit. Another thing to consider is in the majority of cases screens or storm windows can not be installed as casement windows.



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