Composite Doors

A perfect choice for your home, offering very high levels of security, excellent thermal properties, and noise reduction.

Composite Doors

What are composite doors?

Composite doors are usually installed with a classic aesthetic. They have a timber core and can be coated in uPVC, laminate or glass-reinforced plastic (fibreglass). This coating is what makes the composite door have a thicker appearance compared to the uPVC door. Having a composite door installed at the front and the back of your house can provide many benefits.

Benefits of composite doors

Composite doors are very attractive, they can bring a classic aesthetic to your home's appearance without having to compromise on security or quality. Composite doors come in an array of styles that you can easily customise to fit the look of your home. They are also very good at insulating your home. Due to the thickness of the door and the seals that accompany it, the door will stop your home from getting drafty saving you money on your heating bill! Our wiser improvement composite doors are built to last, they are low maintenance and have a long shelf life.


Things to consider when purchasing composite doors

Here at Wiser Improvements, we are huge fans of the composite door they are sturdy, reliable, and have a reputation for increasing the security of your home. When shopping for a composite door, think about what glass you are going to have within the door. We have a wide range of glass designs to choose from. It is also important to make sure you get the right level of security out of your door, there are many security accreditations for composite doors.

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