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Why Choose a UPVC Entrance Door?

The clean, simple look of a Wiser improvement’s uPVC door will suit all styles of properties, bringing warmth, security, and a whole host of other benefits to your home!

uPVC windows quickly became the most popular choice of the door in the UK. So much so that you barely see a traditional wooden door when driving down British streets these days. Why is that?

Well, uPVC doors have a core of galvanised steel which is wrapped in an unplasticized polyvinyl chloride which makes for a very durable material. Compared to traditional wooden doors, uPVC doors are far more effective at reducing noise pollution, are much energy efficient, and are not impacted by the weather. They also require virtually no maintenance and are far more secure than their wooden counterparts.

Now that uPVC has become the norm, there are now plentiful amounts of design and style options to choose from. With the extensive range of uPVC doors, we'll suit any requirements and any budget with our door fitters!

Why Choose a Composite Door?

Composite doors are an ideal choice if you are seeking the look and feel of timber with strength that’s built to last. They are an ideal replacement for existing timber doors, especially in traditionally styled homes!

Composite doors are made from a variety of different materials which are specifically selected for certain unique properties. This overcomes the common flaws of doors which are composed of only a single material. The blend of materials ensures strength, security, durability, and a lot more variety when it comes to designs.

The core of composite doors is typically wood with a steel-clad frame which is then layered with eco-friendly insulating materials. Consult our door fitters for more information.

Black Composite Door
French Door on Cladded Building

Why Choose a French Door?

Originating in the 17th century, French doors are a timeless classic that brings a chic, continental feels to any home. We at Wiser Improvements offer a range of materials, styles and colours that will undoubtedly complement your home perfectly.

Although they are a classic, our French doors have been updated so they include the latest and greatest industry innovations. Thermally efficient designs, advanced frame materials, and high-performance security features provide the perfect mix of tradition and modernisation.

Having French doors provides such a charming, elegant way to enter your garden. Our brilliant team can assist you with which material and style would be best for your home. With countless years of experience and fantastic knowledge of the benefits of each door.

Why Choose a Patio Sliding Door?

Sliding doors provide a different aesthetic proposition.

No other door on the market offers glass as large as a sliding patio door. Therefore, if enjoying views through the doors, reduced visible aluminium mullions and getting the most light and feeling of space are what you want, sliding doors deliver an alternative proposition.

Today’s generation of the best aluminium sliding patio doors is better than ever. Secure, weather-resistant, insulated, and smooth sliding. Available from two panels up to six with most products. The facility for panels to stack open together, open corner designs, and even doors sliding into a wall disappearing from sight. Sliding doors create large glass walls in the home and make a great design statement.

Even better design and engineering also ensure that the sliding doors come with even thinner frame profiles, a flush and seamless threshold, and at substantial sizes with many top-end products.

Black Sliding Door Leading into garden
Stable Entrance Door

Why Choose a Stable Door?

Traditionally a stable door is associated with a working farm, designed for the function of keeping horses within their stable while still allowing them to view out onto the yard. From the seventeenth century, the stable door transitioned to become a key feature of farmhouses, preventing any loose farm animals such as chickens from roaming into the house.

These days you will find a timber stable door in many farmhouses and cottages in rural areas as well as in contemporary and modern homes. The top half of the stable door functions as a window, adding ventilation and letting light come into your home. Alternatively, both parts of the stable door can be locked together to create a singular door function.

The dual function of the stable door offers the perfect solution on those warm summer evenings to allow fresh air to flow through your home as well as keep children and animals safely inside or out of trouble!

Why Choose a Bi-Fold & Multi-Fold Door?

Better than sliding doors?

Both bi-fold and sliding doors are very popular products amongst homeowners and architects. A sliding door does allow for bigger panels meaning more glass and less frame but can’t create a 90% clear opening like a bi-folding door system can. There is no right answer to this question. It depends on the capabilities of your property and your taste which we’re happy to freely consult with our door fitters.


They fold but they’re safe

All our bi-folding doors feature multi-point locking on the “master door” and steel locking rods throughout the remaining panels. All of this is concealed within the doors themselves, so the security of your door won’t have an impact on its aesthetics

You’ll open your bi-fold doors more than you think

Many believe that door systems like this will only be opened during a few days of the year when the UK experiences a heatwave. However, that’s simply not the case! When the weather is mild and not windy, it’s a perfect opportunity for a leisurely breakfast, afternoon tea, or socialising in the evening. Once you get into the habit of utilising your bi-folding doors, you’ll be enjoying them from February to October time.

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