Energy Efficient uPVC Windows and Doors

uPVC windows and doors

Energy Efficient UPVC Windows and Doors

Replacing your old windows and doors with new UPVC double-glazed ones, can bring many benefits to you and your house, as well as decrease your energy bills, helping also to reduce the carbon footprint produced.

There are plenty of designs and models of double-glazed UPVC windows and doors that can be installed in your house, making it even easier to replace your old ones, among many other benefits!

Reduce Home Heat Loss with UPVC Windows and Doors

Double-glazed windows and doors can be 30% more energy efficient than single-glazed ones, and uPVC windows and doors can increase this number even more! But what is an energy-efficient instalment?

Energy efficiency is the measure of the amount of energy spent to acquire a certain benefit, meaning that the more energy efficient something is, the lower the losses of energy used to achieve the benefit.

That said, having energy-efficient UPVC windows and doors means that you will have a reduced amount of energy loss both when it’s cold and when it’s hot outside, making your energy bills friendlier, and getting you and your family comfortable all year round.

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Other Benefits of Double Glazed UPVC Windows and Doors

Other benefits of Double glazed UPVC windows and doors may include a reduced amount of condensation when the temperatures outside are way colder than the inside, noise reduction, and better security due to a bigger difficulty of breaking a double-glazed window.

When to Replace Your Old Windows and Doors?

If you don’t have double-glazed UPVC windows and doors at your house, it is already a good sign that you need to replace your old windows and doors. But if you are still in doubt about replacing them or not, there are a few other factors to consider. These include:

  • Installations made more than 15 years ago
  • Foggy or broken glass
  • Trouble opening or closing
  • Locks not properly working or stiffening
French Door replacement - before
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Installing Energy Efficient UPVC Windows and Doors

If you do decide to replace your old windows and doors with new energy efficient ones, first find a reliable UPVC home improvement company that can help you to make the installation easy and of course, well executed.

The installation of UPVC windows and doors is a very important step and they should be done by experienced professionals that will make sure all benefits above will apply.

At Wiser Improvements, we can offer you a free quote to replace our old windows and doors. We are specialists in the field, and we make every installation with the minimal disruption possible, as well as offer great customer service. View our Gallery to see more of our work.

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