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We supply and install fantastic uPVC Fascia and Soffit replacement options for your roofing needs.

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What is a Fascia or Soffit?

A soffit is the underside section of the overhanging section of your roof or eaves. A fascia, however, refers to the section used to create a smooth appearance on the roof’s edge. These both work in tandem to protect your roof and its interior from severe weather and external conditions. This in turn protects the structure and security of your home.

Why Should You Replace Your Old Fascia and Soffits?

Many traditional fascia and soffits, which you will find on numerous buildings, were made from wood. Unfortunately, this means that it is very likely that if you have the wooden version, you will find them rotting and decaying as they reach the end of their lifespan. This is something which a lick of paint will be unable to salvage. Some people recommend applying a thin uPVC capping fascia board to the unhealthy sub-structures, but this is simply a problem waiting to happen. Capping your fascia with uPVC will prevent adequate airflow and seal in any current rot or decay. This will cause further rot and ensure it spreads out more quickly. Sealed timber will also trap any existing or future damp, meaning that even if you do not have decay currently, your fascia will rapidly deteriorate.

A fascia and soffit replacement will also ensure you won’t have any more awkward roof painting or leaking gutters. Virgin uPVC fascia and soffits won’t discolour in years to come, and we supply them in a range of colours. From Taurus fascia to Bullnose and a sculpture design, all designs are available to fit the roof-line cosmetics of your home.

Can you over-clad your buildings?

There are certainly many issues with the over-cladding method, all of which can cause you a world of headaches. Your guttering may not line up with your neighbours, you may cause unnecessary leaking in your gutters. You also need to consider the design of your house compared to your neighbours. With a semi-detached or terraced properties there are often ‘steps’ on the edge between the properties. When these steps are not sufficiently lined up and straight, you occur a high risk of further leakage.

Additionally, it is worth bearing in mind that many windows are set just millimetres beneath the roofline. Over-cladding your current uPVC boards could prevent your windows from opening. This can be an extremely serious situation in the cases where your windows are designated fire exits.

Why choose uPVC Fascia and Soffits from Wiser Improvements?

We supply and install a wide range of uPVC, or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, in a variety of colours and styles to suit your design tastes. Our uPVC is made from non-toxic materials that offer great durability as well as cost-effectiveness. When compared to wood and regular PVC, uPVC is far more resistant to chemical corrosion and weather damage. Our expert team will be able to assist you to choose the right uPVC fascia and soffit replacement for your home whilst also answering any questions you have.


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