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Why Replace The Old Fascia And Soffits?

The chances are that the present fascia and soffit boards need to be replaced simply because they are decaying and have reached the end of their lifespan and applying some paint to them is not a feasible option. Applying a thin uPVC capping fascia board to an unhealthy sub-structure is simply a problem waiting to happen. Any current decay is going to spread out quickly because it is sealed in with the uPVC fascia without any airflow. Whether or not very little rotten wood is at the moment present the existing outer timber fascia boards will store a bit of dampness which can be trapped by the uPVC capping board resulting in the eventual deterioration

What Are Other Problems With Over Cladding?

Guttering Not Lining Up With Neighbours – Potential Leaking Gutters

Certainly, there are many additional problems with the over-cladding method for instance what the finished roofline will appear if your house is a semi-detached or terraced property. If your house is semi-detached or a terraced property there will more than likely be a ‘step’ on the edge between the two properties. The gutter systems are likely to not be straight between the two houses leading to potential leakage.

Not Being Able To Open Windows

It is also worth bearing in mind that lots of windows are just a few millimetres beneath the roofline, over-cladding the current uPVC fascia boards could prevent some of the windows from fully opening. This is a serious situation when the window is a designated fire exit.

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