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Home improvement is a great way to enhance the appearance and functionality of your home. Whether you're looking to make small changes or undertake a major renovation project, there are plenty of home improvement ideas that can help you achieve your goals. Here at Wiser Improvements, we specialise in providing quality, professional services to our clients that can make a big difference to the look and feel of their homes.

At Wiser Improvements, we are a home improvement company that has decades of home renovation experience. We are a family-run business that is passionate about all aspects of our hard work and customer satisfaction. All our installers that we have Wiser Improvements are MTC Qualified. This also includes all our surveyors and technical support personnel too.

We promise to treat your home as if it is our own, as such, we all aim to be the best at what we do for you. We have extensive knowledge of all the products within our industry to ensure that we can deliver the best quality products to meet your design inspiration!

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There's a good possibility you're not taking advantage of the plethora of advantages that new windows can offer if your home has older windows. Modern windows can enhance our quality of life by reducing our energy costs and keeping us warm in the winter thanks to new design technology.

Investing in new windows is a home improvement idea that can be highly beneficial in cutting down energy costs and improving efficiency. The energy efficiency of double-glazed windows is great, and they also have the added advantage of reducing noise. Argon gas is inserted into the gap that has been sealed between the two glass panes. Since it is so viscous, argon gas makes an excellent heat barrier. Because of the increased thermal resistance, less heat escapes throughout the winter, keeping your house warmer.

Learn more about our windows' energy efficiency and the possibility of upgrading to triple glazing.


The importance of a good front door cannot be overstated. A gorgeous, modern front door plays the single most important role in ensuring the security of your home. It also exudes wealth and importance.

Investing in new doors is not only applicable to increasing the safety of your house but is also a home improvement idea that can increase the efficiency of your house while improving its look and feel. Choosing the right door for your house can be a difficult task, as you want something that suits your aesthetic but that also is affordable. The best doors currently out there on the market that do just that are Composite Doors, uPVC Entrance Doors, French Doors, and Bi-Fold Doors.

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Enhancing The Light In Smaller Homes

For a lot of terraced and semi-detached properties, being able to increase the light can be a difficult task. However, one of the solutions could be an Orangery, which is an effective method that works like a single-story extension and blends in with the current brickwork to fit flawlessly onto the back of your property.

An Orangery is a highly beneficial home improvement idea that will not only increase the space and amount of light but will also increase the value of the property in the long run. In comparison to loft extensions and conventional brick expansions, an orangery is a much more affordable way to provide the extra living space that is required. Also, orangeries combine the open, airy feel of a conservatory with all the benefits of an extension, including increased privacy and excellent insulation.

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Here at Wiser Improvements, we are experts at home improvements, and with decades of experience in the pitch, we are pleased to say that we only use the best, most cutting-edge items of the highest calibre when installing them in your home. Our entire product line is manufactured to order and will be the ideal addition to your home. We provide a wide choice of services, from conservatory installers to orangery extensions and uPVC window and door fitters.

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