Stable Doors

These days you will find a timber stable door in many farmhouses and cottages in rural areas as well as in contemporary and modern homes.

Stable Doors

What are stable doors?

Stable doors give you the ability to open in three ways. You can either open up the top half of the door whilst the bottom stays closed. You can open the bottom half whilst the top stays closed. Or you can open both halves together. You would traditionally find a stable door on a farm or where livestock and horses are kept. However, in recent years people have discovered the benefits of installing a stable door in their homes.

Benefits of stable doors

The stable door allows you to open the top half of the door when answering to collect a parcel etc. Being able to keep the bottom half of the door closed stops, people, from being able to barge into your home. This gives you an added level of security. Especially in the summer months having the ability to open half of the door will allow amazing ventilation throughout the whole house whilst being able to keep animals and children safe within the home. You can achieve a different aesthetic from the usual uPVC door when installing the stable door. It offers a traditional rustic appearance.

Things to consider when purchasing stable doors

The main thing to check before purchasing your stable door. Stable doors come in an array of different sizes. Before choosing your colour and design make sure you have the right sizes. Our experts at Wiser Improvements are always here to help.

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