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uPVC Entrance Door

What are uPVC entrance doors?

uPVC entrance doors are the most popular choice amongst UK homeowners when purchasing a new door for their home. They have been industrially manufactured and installed in large quantities for over 50 years. They are durable and come with very low maintenance. The doors have a core galvanised steel coated in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. uPVC doors can be used for both front and back doors. The appearance of the uPVC door is thinner than the composite door.

Benefits of uPVC entrance doors

It is no shock that the uPVC entrance door is the door of choice amongst UK homeowners. Choosing a uPVC entrance door gives you the ability to customise it to suit your home You can choose from a range of patterns and colours making it the number one choice of doors. uPVC doors offer incredible insulation making them weather resistant and very eco-friendly. Due to the coating of the core galvanised steel uPVC doors are very good at minimalising noise pollution. They will also help to reduce your energy bill as uPVC entrance doors are energy efficient.

Things to consider when purchasing uPVC doors

Before choosing to install uPVC doors there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, consider what type of handle and hinges you want your door to have. Most handles and hinges are compatible with uPVC doors but if you have a preference to which one you want for your door double-check it is compatible. It is also good to check the security performance of the doors you are thinking of buying. uPVC doors are very secure and effective at keeping your home safe as they can have an anti-snap cylinder lock and multi-point locking system installed. If you are after a five-lever mortice deadlock you may want to install a different type of door.

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