uPVC fascia and Soffit

Need uPVC fascia and soffit replacement?

The soffit is the underside of any element of a building, such as an area beneath the eaves on the exterior of a building, while the fascia (also known as roofline) is the horizontal board between the soffit and a roof.

The fascia is usually attached below the gutters and soffits are attached from the exterior wall to the fascia board. Both UPVC fascia and soffits when installed together create a barrier that is made to protect the roof from weather damage and prevent mould while smoothing their appearance

How often do UPVC fascia and soffits need replacement?

As both UPVC fascia and soffits are constantly exposed to weather elements, it is always good to pay attention to some signs they may show as there is no exact time to replace them. They include:

  • Unexplained noises above the ceiling – It could lead to animals and insects living under your ceiling as it is usually a good place for them to hide from weather conditions.
  • Signs of water leaks – Indicates damaged or improperly attached soffits and fascia.
  • Paint peeling or cracked soffits – A sign that water has penetrated the wood and is likely to be damaging the inside.
  • Problems with the gutters – Damaged fascia can also lead to a gutter leak or sag.
  • Asbestos – If your fascia and soffits contain asbestos it means they are old. Asbestos is a very toxic element, and it should be replaced with better and non-toxic elements, such as UPVC.

Remember that applying new layers of UPVC to cap the old and damaged ones is a problem waiting to happen. The recommended is to substitute the old ones with new UPVC fascia and soffit to permit airflow and take out the rotten materials that can keep deteriorating.

uPVC fascias & soffits installed by Wiser
uPVC Fascia and guttering on home

Why UPVC Fascia and Soffits?

UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a low maintenance building material, and it is very used to substitute wood and is more resistant to chemical erosion and weather conditions than PVC. It is also made from non-toxic material and offers durability and cost-effectiveness.

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