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Why Choose Casement Windows ?

Our Casement windows are a classic design suitable for all properties, offering warmth, energy efficiency and security combined with a great look and low maintenance.

Casement windows are a tried and tested technology which can be dated back to well before the Victorian era. Back then, the windows were made from metal or timber but the technology has since been refined and there are now a plethora of different material options for you to choose from.

At Wiser Improvements, we can advise you on which type of casement window would be best suited for your property on both a design and functionality front. Give us a call today and let our window installers help you transform your home!

Why Choose Flush Sash Windows?

Sash Windows are a very traditional window style, most often seen in Victorian or Georgian buildings across the UK but they also suit the modern home extremely well. They are made from one or more moveable panels or “sashes” which provide a timeless design as well as modern-day practicality.

Combine the classic style of this traditional window with the contemporary benefits of warmth, quiet, security, and easy maintenance with our window installers!

Whether you’re looking to replace existing sash windows or think it’s time for a complete change, we’ve got you covered. If you have any queries regarding which window type and which material would be best suited for your home, our double glazing company expert staff are always at hand to advise!

flush casement windows on brick house flush sash windows
White Bay & Bow window

Why Choose Bay & Bow Windows?

Very attractive external feature for your home whilst internally adding space and light.

Bay & Bow windows are made up of several segments using casement windows, connected using a strong structural bay pole assembly or corner post.

One way to heighten visual appeal is to include a bay or bow window in your design plan. Both styles will open up a room, allow in more natural light, and add an air of elegance to your interior. The graceful arches and angles of bay and bow windows enhance the charm of your room and the angled panes provide exceptional unobstructed views.

Why Choose Sliding Sash Windows?

Designed to replicate traditional timber box sash windows, our Rehau Heritage system has been developed following extensive consultation with conservation bodies and as a result, our sliding sash windows are the most distinctive and authentic-looking uPVC sash window available on the market.

Whether you're looking to replace existing sash windows or think it's time for a complete change, our window installers got you covered. If you have any queries regarding which window type and which materials would best suit your home, our expert staff are always at hand to advise!

House with Sliding Sash windows
House with Tilt and Turn Windows

Why Choose Tilt & Turn Windows?

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows offer superb open views, easy maintenance and amazing security. The windows are also extremely practical as their unique hinge mechanism allows the windows to be opened in two different ways.

They can be opened fully like casement windows but they can also be tilted from the bottom of the frame. This allows for a great deal of flexibility when it comes to the ventilation of your home as the windows don’t need to be fully opened in order to let air in.

You can simply open a window slightly via tilting and adjust the angle depending on how much ventilation is required at the time. A further hassle remover is that this technology will allow you to clean the exterior of upstairs windows from the comfort of the inside of your home. No ladder is required!

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